New Jersey Original Birth Certificate Access
Posted January 10, 2017

For Pam Hasegawa, the reunion was personal. And it was profound."I was so relieved to know where I came from, whom I came from - just relieved I have a place on the human continuum," she said.


Save The Date...
Posted May 04, 2016

Please plan to join us for the 2017 CUB Retreat:October 6-8Carlsbad, CABecome a member today!

Adoptees On Podcasts
Posted May 17, 2016

Adult adoptees discuss the adoption experience in this enlightening series. (Also available on several different podcast services)


Adoption Museum Project
Posted November 13, 2016

Laura Callen, Founder and Director of the Adoption Museum Project in Oakland, California is working to build an adoption museum that is both visionary and inspiring. The Adoption Museum Project is dedicated to "Making space for an important story."


Watch The 6 Word Adoption Memoir Film
Posted June 11, 2016

If you had six words to tell your adoption story, which six words would you choose?


Listen to the Mothers
Posted April 22, 2016

Thank you to those who listened to the voices of first moms on Mother's Day by following #notabravelove or #notbravelove on social media. Please continue to follow those hashtags to hear them speak their truth and share their experience.


Let's Adopt Reform
Posted April 22, 2016

Here is the link to join the upcoming live and virtual Town Hall event hosted by the Donaldson Adoption Institute on Thursday, April 28th at 6:30 pm. CUB Media Liaison, Leslie Pate Mackinnon, will be on the panel! Lots of thoughtful discussion happening.


Help Baby Elliott and His First Mother
Posted July 30, 2015

Kimberly Rossler and her baby, Elliott, need our help! Learn about the facts and then please consider a donation.


CUB on Twitter
Posted April 19, 2015

We are reaching people across the Internet and thus across the world and the generations. So help us out and spread the word. You can find CUB on Twitter @CUBirthparents.


The Most Important Adoption List Ever
Posted November 02, 2014

This is it folks! The information on this list validates what so many of us know already. Bookmark this link. Share it today! Thank you Laurie Garland. Thank you thank you thank you.


CUB Name Fun
Posted July 18, 2014

The birthparent word started out controversial because birthparents wanted a name that was better than biological parent. The adoption industry people fought it and then, they took it from us and used it against us. AND NOW we fight over it. Let's get over it already and have some fun! "CUB we get it" is open to suggestions. Have a variant on the name? Send it along today! Send it to: