Saving Our Sisters
Saving Our Sisters (SOS), a grassroots effort initiated by a birthmother who lost her child to an unnecessary adoption, will become a Program of Concerned United Birthparents, Inc. (CUB), a nation-wide organization dedicated to supporting parents who relinquished children to adoption. Both are private, all –volunteer organizations.

“These two national organizations both focus on family preservation; coming together as one to strengthen our outreach makes perfect sense for the future.” – Lynn Johansenn, founding member, Saving Our Sisters, (SOS)

CUB, incorporated in 1976, supports those coping with the effects of adoption by providing support, resources and referrals. SOS assists women needing resources that will enable them to raise and protect their children. Bringing SOS under the umbrella of CUB’s non-profit status will empower both organizations to work toward the mutual goal of family preservation.
SOS began as a grassroots effort after one mother learned too late about the adoption industry’s marketing and how it facilitates the separation of vulnerable mothers from their children. In an effort to channel her grief into something positive, she formed SOS, connecting women who share similar adoption experiences. SOS focuses on family preservation using an all-volunteer network to support women who, with just a little assistance and confidence, can readily parent their children.

Both organizations are committed to the belief that, “Every woman must have the right to be the parent of her own child and to have access to the resources needed to raise that child in a safe and healthy environment.”

Please consider making a Donation to Saving Our Sisters today to be part of this groundbreaking effort for family preservation. Donations may be tax deductible. (Please consult your tax advisor.)

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