In Support of Dusten Brown


Concerned United Birthparents, Inc., a support and advocacy organization, wants to respond to the today's statement made by Dusten Brown. It is impossible to convey with words the depth of despair we feel for this father. At the same time, we as birth parents completely understand his decision to place Veronica's needs ahead of his own. That is the definition of a 'real' parent.

Dusten Brown fought hard against a billion dollar industry and a society that does not understand the purpose of adoption. Adoption is for children whose parents are unable to care for them. In best practice, the second option is to find a placement within the child's kinship system, to protect their identity and history. As stated, he fought hard against deceptive practices, illegal maneuvers, the Supreme Court, high powered PR firms, and prospective adoptive parents raising monies and sympathy via the Internet.

Today Dusten Brown made public his desire to take his daughter out of the public spotlight and discontinue the fight for where she lives. As parents, we applaud his graciousness in asking his supporters to remain calm and respectful. He has demonstrated during this entire process what it means to be a father, just as in the Judgement of Soloman, he has capitulated rather than "split the baby."

We know Veronica Brown will be a landmark case that will impact adoption practice for years to come. CUB encourages Dusten Brown's supporters to use this heartbreaking situation to educate the public about the legal rights of parents and the real purpose of adoption.