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Online Message Boards are a kind of Support Group
If you can't meet up in real life, this is a good alternate option.

CUB's online support group is a message board and it is a way for all members of the adoption triad to engage in online discussion. We hope that birthparents, adoptees and adoptive parents will be able to get support and feedback from other members of the triad on issues surrounding adoption.

Those who post comments on CUB's message board are asked to be respectful of others who have differing opinions, and in the spirit of the supportive environment for which CUB is known, we expect there will be no name-calling or put-downs.

Our message board is moderated by Denise Schnelle.
Sign up is free, but there is a registration process. We urge you to support CUB by becoming a member.

Happy Posting!

ps - All CUB Members enjoy access to our online support group by logging into our website and scrolling to the bottom of the member's area. There are links to our members area under the "Contact," Our Words," and the "Join Us" headings. To log into our website - please use the boxes at the top of every page on our website. The online support group is FREE, but support group members don't receive discounts on our retreats. To receive the discount, one needs to be a paying member. Thanks!