Open Records

CUB supports adult adoptees’ right to access their records, without restrictions or qualifications. Knowing one’s identity is a civil right which is being consistently abused by the practice of sealed records adoptions. All human beings have the right to know their original identity which includes their genetic roots, their medical history and biological history.

CUB supports the unrestricted access of adopted people to their original birth records. Access to the truth about one’s identity and origins is a fundamental human right.

The myth of confidentiality is often used to oppose open records, but birthparents were never promised such secrecy and do not want it. The majority of birthparents want to be reunited with their children, but in the end, this is not relevant. Equal access to vital statistics and court files and the wish to search for one’s birthparents are completely separate issues. An adoptee’s decision to search is independent of the right to obtain vital statistics and court files that concern himself or herself.

In today’s environment, most adoptions are identified. Since everyone involved in the adoption knows the facts about who the birthparents are, there is no reason for the state to conceal the truth in perpetuity.

Globally, many countries have chosen not to engage in the falsification and sealing of birth certificates. The practice of falsifying birth certificates did not begin until the 1930s in America. America must join the ranks of civilized nations and end this antiquated remnant of a shame-based culture. As of March 2015, eighteen states have chosen to end this practice by enacting laws that grant partial or full access.

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