2105 Carlsbad, California

General sessions:
The Challenges and Joys of Reunion; panel discussion with Carol Schaefer, Birthmother, Marlou Russel, Adoptee, Nancy Verrier, Adoptive Mother.
Birthparents and their reunited adult child; panel discussion with Mimi Janes and Bekah, Sarah Burns and Bo, Jim Shinn and Clint.
Challenges in Today's Open Adoptions; panel presentation with Denise Schnelle, Reanne Mosley, Lanae Wangler Kallsen, and Jen Wood.
Examining Stigma with Roula AbiSamra of The Sea Change Program.

Friday -  Special Reading by Janet Mason Ellerby - author of  "Emroidering the Scarlett A" and "Following the Tambourine Man"  Saturday - Open Spaces A Community Discussions Activity.

2014 Safety Harbor, Florida

General sessions:
Being Found: Blessings and Challenges; panel discussion with "found" adoptees Michael Turcotte, Kristine Koubek, and Chritine Murphy.
Adoption Mandala two part healing arts workshop by Beth Jaffe.
Open Adoption Betrayal; a panel discussion with Lee Campbell, Jim Gritter, and Gail Perry.
Saving Our Sisters; presentations from Carolyn Espina and Lynn Johansenn, both working on family preservation and prevention of unnecessary family separations.

After Dinner Presentation and Discussion with Lee Campbell.

2013 Carlsbad,California

General sessions:
My Sister's Journey; panel discussion with women in "Open-Adoption" moderated by Leslie Pate Mackinnon.
Kathryn Joyce, author of "Child Catchers: Rescue, Trafficking, and the New Gospel of Adoption."
A Simple Piece of Paper, a film by Jean Strauss.
What You Always Wanted to Know, a panel discussion with Triad Therapists: Jeanette Yoffe, LMFT, Tracy Carlis, Ph.D., and Nancy Verrier, LMFT.

A reading from Lee Campbell's book, "Stow Away."
Writer and Performer: Lisa Marie Rollins.

2012 Carlsbad, California

General sessions:
Where Are We After All These Years?; panel discussion with birthmothers discussing reunion and coming to peace with the adoption experience.
Adoptees Broadcast Live; witnessing an adoptee support group.
How Writing About Adoption Has Changed My Life; discussion with a panel of published authors – Nancy Verrier, Corie Skolnick, Patrick McMahon, Jennifer Lauck, and Patti Hawn.
Spouses of birthparents and adoptees; a panel discussing how the challenges adoption brings to a marriage.

Comic and psychic:Charles Filius.
Karaoke with Minky

2011 Virginia Beach, Virginia

General sessions:
Expressive arts workshop with Patrick McMahon;
Ann Fessler screens “A Girl Like Her” a panel discussion with three “raised siblings” about what life was like being raised by a birthmother . The panelists shared what it was like to witness their mothers’ reunions – especially when they hadn’t known they’d had an older sibling until the separated mothers and children reunited.

Producer Jessica Windt screens Tammy Chu’s 2009 documentary “Reslience” on Friday night
Karaoke on Saturday

2010 Carlsbad, California

General sessions:
“The Three S’s: Search, Struggle and Selfhood: Healing the Wounds and Creating a Desirable Life,” with Matt Potter, Trish Lay and Craig Hyman;
“Surviving Unfulfilled Reunions,” with Karen Vedder, Beth Smith and Janet Ellerby;
“Then and Now: Has Adoption Really Changed?” with Jennifer Yurfest, Marsha Golden and Adam Post;
“From the Inside Out: Working With and Healing Members of the Triad,” with Leslie Mackinnon, John Sobraske and Nancy Verrier.

Brian Stanton’s remarkable one-man play called “BLANK” on Friday night;
Karaoke on Saturday

2009 Virginia Beach, Virginia

General sessions:
“Journey to Reunion: Two different paths” withMary Lou Cullen and Amy Kastelin;
“Listening to the Heart of the Adoptee” with Betsy Forrest, Pam Hasegawa and Penny Partridge;
“Choosing Forgiveness: the Hell of it All” with Lee Campbell, CUB Founder;

“Roots Unknown,” Documentary by Zara Phillips.

2008 Carlsbad, California

General sessions:
“Mother and ‘Child’ Reunions” with Lynn Katzfey and Christine Gilleran, Sarah Burns and David "Bo" Campbell, Roberta Piper and Betsy Forrest; “
Adoption Triad Therapists” with Jeri Brown, Birthmother, Marlou Russell, PhD, Adoptee and Nancy Verrier, Adoptive Mother.