Revocation Periods

CUB supports laws that provide adequate and consistent time frames for birthparent(s) to decide on relinquishment. We believe that no consent should be taken until one week after birth. We recommend a revocation period, which is the time a parent can fully consider the decision and reclaim the child, be at least 30 days. This revocation period should be supported by the courts and birthparents should not have to prove "superior fitness" to parent as compared to the hopeful adopting parents. CUB also believes that fathers' rights must be protected. Some states allow birthfathers to terminate their rights prior to the birth of the child. This is unacceptable to CUB.

Adoption laws are different in every state. Some states attempt to get signatures as soon as possible after birth and make that decision irreversible. In more than half the states, this irrevocable consent can be established in fewer than four days. We believe that this is by no means a sufficient time period to make an irreversible, life-altering decision with consequences for many people.

Ethical states do it differently: consents are taken in a courtroom, not a hospital bed, and they give a new mother some time during which she can change her mind and some states provide that parents can not terminate rights for a certain period of time. We believe this is a move in the right direction.

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