Sample Adoption Month Proclamation

Concerned United Birthparents, Inc., an all volunteer non-profit organization, supports a complete awareness of adoption. We applaud the efforts of parents, professionals, and government officials working to find permanent homes for children facing long term foster care. We offer this sample proclamation as a better alternative to the many proclamations that fail to meet our standards. Knowledge of ancestral heritage and current medical history is the right of everyone, not just those who are "not" adopted. Humane and ethical adoption promotes the health and well being of children throughout their lifetime by preserving their connection to the family into which they were born.

Please be vocal in response to your community's celebration of National Adoption Awareness month. You can use our sample proclamation or respond with letters to local agencies, t.v. stations, media print, etc. in terms of the true purpose of adoption which is finding homes for children in care; not finding children for couples who desire to become parents.

Resolution by the City Council of ___________.

WHEREAS, we citizens of _____________ recognize that all children need love, support, security, and a place to call home; and

WHEREAS, we citizens of _______________ see that when birth families are unable to meet the ongoing needs of children born to them, adoptions which are humane, honest, and rooted in the understanding that adoption does not erase a child's connections to the family into which they were born are the best alternative; and

WHEREAS, some children travel from many parts of the world to join their adoptive families in ___________(state)_________; and

WHEREAS, some children in ___(city)___________ live away from their birth families in substitute care, and many cannot return home and need the security and nurturing that adoptive families can provide, which is especially important for the many children with special needs; and

WHEREAS, the many children in our local foster care program need and deserve permanent and nurturing families; and

WHEREAS, birthparents in ___________(city)_____ need support and compassion; and

WHEREAS, adoptive parents and families who have adopted children require and deserve community and public agency, respect, and support.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, ___________________, Mayor of the City of _________________, in the State of __________________, do hereby proclaim, November ______________, in ______(city), ___________(state)____ as:


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the great seal of the City of ______________, in the State of __________,

to be affixed at (city, state), this ____ day of November, in the year two thousand fourteen.