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Adoption Books


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Can You Help Build the Pregnancy Resources Lists?
Posted December 06, 2014

Please check this out and consider donating some time to create a great family preservation / avoid adoption trauma resource!

Take the Birthparent Paperwork Challenge!
Posted November 01, 2014

Access CT and most of the adoption reform legislative efforts need a copy of your Termination of Parental Rights paperwork. This helps prove that birhtparents were not promised secrecy and therefore Adoptees can have their original birth certificates. Everyone can help Access CT who is actively seeking these documents out by clicking on the headline link here.

The Most Important Adoption List Ever
Posted November 02, 2014

This is it folks! The information on this list validates what so many of us know already. Bookmark this link. Share it today! Thank you Laurie Garland. Thank you thank you thank you.

Support Groups

CUB provides support for all family members separated by adoption; resources to help prevent unnecessary family separations; education about the life-long impact on all who are affected by adoption; and advocates for fair and ethical adoption laws, policies, and practices.

A temporary lack of resources – not a lack of love – is often the reason birthparents surrender their parental rights. If parents are unable to raise their children, they should have a say in who will. Denying loving parents knowledge of their children, even when those children become adults, is a cruel and unnecessary punishment that causes suffering for all. A severing of parental rights does not cut off a parent’s love.

Is Adoption Trauma?
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