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Name Calling

Ever wonder why we haven't changed our name even though some people say it is offensive? Watch this video from 1984 to hear the story. Read this link from the CUB History Channel to learn more about why we started calling ourselves birthparents years before the adoption industry.

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Register for the CUB Retreat 2014!
Posted July 03, 2014

We look forward to getting together all year! And we hope you'll register today. When: October 17-19 2014 Where: Safety Harbor Resort and Spa in Safety Harbor, FL To avoid late fees, register before September 16th.

CUB Name Fun
Posted July 18, 2014

The birthparent word started out controversial because birthparents wanted a name that was better than biological parent. The adoption industry people fought it and then, they took it from us and used it against us. AND NOW we fight over it. Let's get over it already and have some fun! "CUB we get it" is open to suggestions. Have a variant on the name? Send it along today! Send it to: editor@cubirthparents.org

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