If you had six words
to tell your adoption story,
what six words would you choose?

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Adoption Memoir Film

THE SOS SUMMIT was a wonderful success!!!
Connecting with our fellow sisters in the SOS network was amazing!
To visit the SOS Facebook page and see the many faces in this fabulous
network, please click here.
To view the Summit agenda, please click here.

Exciting News!! SOS and CUB JOIN FORCES - Read all about it!


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CUB provides support for all family members separated by adoption; resources to help prevent unnecessary family separations; education about the life-long impact on all who are affected by adoption; and advocates for fair and ethical adoption laws, policies, and practices.

A temporary lack of resources – not a lack of love – is often the reason birthparents surrender their parental rights. If parents are unable to raise their children, they should have a say in who will. Denying loving parents knowledge of their children, even when those children become adults, is a cruel and unnecessary punishment that causes suffering for all. A severing of parental rights does not cut off a parent’s love.

What You Should Know if You're Considering Adoption for Your Baby

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2016 CUB Retreat: October 28-30 Safety Harbor, FL Become a member today!

An Evening To Benefit SOS!

Join us for a evening of visual art and performances benefiting Saving Our Sisters. Saving Our Sisters is a grassroots style organization helping expectant mothers through challenging life situations during pregnancy. Saturday, May 14th, 2016, 6pm.

Listen to the Mothers

Mother's Day is coming up and we want to make sure the voices of first moms are heard! Follow #notabravelove or #notbravelove on social media to hear them speak their truth and share their experience.

Let's Adopt Reform

Here is the link to join the upcoming live and virtual Town Hall event hosted by the Donaldson Adoption Institute on Thursday, April 28th at 6:30 pm. CUB Media Liaison, Leslie Pate Mackinnon, will be on the panel! Lots of thoughtful discussion happening.