Lee Campbell

Here’s the short story about CUB’s beginnings. From the source.

During the spring of 1975, Lee Campbell spent several meetings with others (including Mary Anne Cohen) at an adoptee support group in Massachusetts. Lee strongly believed mothers who had surrendered children for adoption could benefit from separate discussions about their experiences; Mary Anne and others agreed. Prior to the first meeting (at the Church of the Immaculate Conception on Cape Cod!), Lee brainstormed with Betty Mattson about a name for the group. A number of options (funny story for another time) were bandied about until “Concerned United Birthparents” emerged. Within days, and quite by chance, the mother bear/cub logo was literally placed in Lee’s hands by an elementary school colleague. By October of that year, CUB was fully incorporated and off and running.

Lee is now overseeing the CUB History Project, called CHiP for short. Read about it here.


In the beginning....(L-R) Sandy Musser, Gail Hanssen Perry, Lee Campbell and Mary Anne Cohen at the 2005 retreat in Tampa.