Concerned United Birthparents celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2011. Our organization has seen many changes in the world of adoption over these years. The ‘open adoption plan’ that many birthmother’s now make have become commonplace. States tackling legislation for adoptees to access their original birth certificates have been in the news. Books by birthmothers detailing their stories have shined a light on issues that CUB has been involved with for three decades.

CUB is still the only national organization presenting a recognized voice for birthparents. The Internet has proven to be a source for information and online support for those touched by adoption, however the human contact experienced at a support group is invaluable. CUB offers groups in various cities across the country and members come together yearly for our annual retreat.

— Mary Lou Cullen, president, 2010-present

Mary Lou Cullen at 2010 CUB retreat in Carlsbad